Deep in the bowels of my lair I keep my most valued trophies....

These wenches have been trained to endure the most stringent and insane bondage imaginable. I call them my Bishop Girls in honor of the late great bondage and fetish artist Robert Bishop. His work has always inspired me and now that I have my own assortment of captive wenches to practice on I can bring his work to life with real girls. Not all the positions are exact recreations of his work nor are then meant to be. Instead I use his art to inspire me to tie these hapless girls into the most strict, stringent and demanding bondage positions I can dream up.

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I stand in the shadows; laying in wait for my prey. I hear her approach in the darkness, her stilettos echo off the wet concrete. My ropes and her gag are at the ready. Hunting pretty wenches is what I do, the excitement of the hunt, the capture, and the nefarious ways I then torment my prey. Here you will find pretty girls stalked, captured and tightly tied for my pleasure and yours. They are then carried off to into the night. Their clothes are disheveled, torn and dirty as they struggle in their ropes. But there is no escape; the ropes are too cruelly tied. I bring my prey to dark scary places (old warehouses, barns, factories, cellars, and caves). Watch as they struggle futilely against there bonds. This is the section I get to mix my passion for writing stories about pretty girls in peril and bondage imagery. I hated writing most of my life, all through school I avoided anything to do with writing. I discovered my latent talent for expressing my imagination in words. Unfortunately due to restrictions on some words and phases imposed by my billing processors over the years, I've had to elimiate text stories for my site but still maintain integrity but scripting short movies placing our hapless damsels in distress and peril.

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Since my earliest years I remember the great bondage photos of the late John Willie who along with Irving Klaw produced the first real bondage photos back in the 30s, 40s and 50s. As a tribute to their great work and because I have seen no one else try to capture the atmosphere and drama of their photos I have decided to try to emulate their work here. This series will feature the good number of older MILF models that have worked for me over the years.

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