In early 2006 I was contacted by and artist named Roger Benson. He wanted to know if I would like to give his art work exposure on my site. He was attracted to Hunterís Liar because his art is inspired by both John Willie and Robert Bishop. I took one look at his drawing and knew that they would be a perfect complement to my own work. Roger Benson does a variety of BDSM illustrations, some of which involve the erotic hanging theme.

In one series, set in the l950s, a shapely l9 year old miss -- Lorna W. -- has the misfortune to be with her juvenile delinquency-inclined boyfriend when he robs the Pleasant Corners Gas Station in the course of which he pushes the elderly night attendant, the much loved "Pop" McCord, causing the old gentleman to fall, strike his bald pate on an arborite counter, and thereby perish.

Learned Judge Roger Benson takes a dim view of such goings on and sentences both miscreants to The Supreme Penalty.

Lorna's adventures at the Reformatory for Naughty Girls are extended and varied.

He's interested in posting these here, one illustration at a time and accompanying each illustration with a poll (or polls) designed to elicit viewer feedback. This would be of interest to him and helpful in his future work.

We both look forward to hearing your feedback.


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