We have many different types of damsels in my lair. When I started out I used some of the top named girls in the bondage/fetish industry. Chanta Rose, Liz Tyler, Julie Simone, Ivy Manner, Angelica Vamp, Chrissy Daniels, Jenni Lee, Heaven Lee, and Sammie Sparks just to name a few. But in resent years I have tapped into a vast pool of everyday girl next door types that actually live in my neighborhood or close by. I find that I enjoy tying up these everyday pretty girl next door types more than I did the professional models. Not that I have sworn off pro models mind you it is just that I have found the local girls just as good if not better then the big name talent out there. So with the help of my main girl Kellannn we have a large collection of girls next door all tied up very tightlly.

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Kelliann is my life mate. She is my guinea wench, the one I get to practice on and use and abuse for my and her pleasure anytime day or night. She is also one of the best actresses I have met in the business, if only we could have hooked up 15 years ago I could have made her a fetish star. Super flexible and with endurance to spare, she is my dream come true.


Spirit delivered this pretty little wench to me one sunny afternoon, and I don't think she's left the Lair since. A credit to my site, she is super flexible and willing to try anything. Her hot little body looks great in whatever ropes I bind her in, and she's truly a challenge to tie. If you don't make sure she's bound super strictly, she'll escape.



Candi is the daughter of Kelliann's friend Dahlia. Although she is a plus sized girl she is super flexible and loves being tied up tight.


This bleach blonde bimbo contacted me through my website just begging me to work. She's a college girl, but you'd never know that talking to her. She's not very smart, but she's certainly willing to endure whatever crazy and insane ties I can dream up.



Another one of our local neighborhood girl, Ciranora is a close friend of Dayona. Not very bright and truely submissive, she claims she doesn't like bondage but everytime I call she comes right over. I tend to be a little rough on her and never fail to make sure I lash her elbows super tight.


One of Kelliann's oldest friends, this sexy voluptuous blond is also one hell of an actress. She really doesn't like being tied up all that much but loves to play the damsel in distress regardless. She tells me working for the lair is her escape from reality and her chance to be someone else for a few hours.


Dayona is Raquel's neice by marriage. With legs that go on forever this wench is super flexible and very submissive. She is truely a girl next door, she lives about 4 blocks from me. She had never been bound and gagged before she came into the lair but now she is showing up at more and more sites around the web but the lair will always be her home base.


Destine is a shorter version of her younger sister Dayona. Just about as flexible and very petite, that is with the exception of her marvelous rack.


From the time I first met Destiny she was running around the Lair begging me to let her model. Though she was not 18 for the first few months, we celebrated her birthday in style, with no cake, but plenty of ropes.


Jessica is Angela's best friend and partner in crime. With her huge blue eyes and cat-like back, she's a dream to tie up. She just loves to be suspended, especially upside down, and she makes a pretty good villain too.



Julia's an old friend of Kelliann's that I convinced to let me tie her up. She's a sexy MILF with gorgeous legs that pretty much let me do whatever I wanted.


Leahnim Lavada

I don't know what it is about this girl, but she just drove Kelliann CRAZY. She only worked once, then she had to leave my Lair due to interpersonal issues with my main wench.




Another associate of Greg's, this adorable, fun little wench is a dream to tie up. I'd have her back at my Lair in a second.



I met Penelope on a trip down South, at her bartending job. She had never experienced any bondage before, and I certainly gave her an intiation to remember. Though she lives far from my Lair, she's promised to come up and visit anytime she can so I can get my ropes on her willing body again.



Raquel is also an old friend of Kelliann's. She is your typical soccer mom who you probably wouldn't look twice at on the street in her normal attire. But she cleans up very well and with a near perfect set of legs. And did I mention flexible, there hasn't been a tie that I have tried on her that she couldn't handle yet. She can cross her elbows behind her back and place her legs in just about any position I care to tie them in. I don't think she has any bones it is all super flexible cartilage.


Scarlett was a friend of Trinity's, and though she only visited my Lair once before she sadly passed away at a very young age, her photos are and will always be a credit to my Lair.



I met Trinity through Greg at D/s Toychest, and from the first time I met her, I couldn't keep my ropes off her willing body. Super flexible and with an amazing rack, Trinity just loves bondage. Though she's branched off from the Lair, I can say that I'm the one who introduced this wench to the bondage industry.




Vivica is a friend of Cherry's, and though she was hesitant at first, she came to love my Lair. She's a great actress, and really puts her all into struggling (albeit futilely) against my ropes.


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