In the deep recesses of my darkest thoughts I have always dreamed about tying up pretty girls and women. I have been tying up girls for real since as long as I can remember. I have always had relatively willing partners to play out my dark fantasies with, sisters, cousins, friends, girl friends, wives and lovers. But it was never really enough, there was no real drama and there were long periods of bondage drought. I used to love the old True Crime and Detective magazines in the 70's and early 80's as well as a very good customer of Harmony Concepts. But that still wasn't enough, then I discovered the internet in 1996 and I thought I found nirvana. But the truth be told many of my favorite sites didn't do it exactly as I wanted it. No one seemed to be capturing the drama and suspense of the old crime magazines. And there was far too much emphasis on sex, glamour or sloppy ropes. I knew I could do better, and it was at this time that I also discovered my latent talent for writing, and mostly through the encouragement of my many female internet chat buddies they more or less prodded me to try to get some of my writing published. I really didn't want to get into all that work. Then in 2001 Bond Con NYC changed my life, it was there that I discovered how friendly, unpretentious and fun the bondage/fetish industry models were. I decided to jump right in, at first I had a partner but our visions and temperaments weren't all that compatible. I was far more adventurous and my bondage style scared him to death and he wanted to get into more lewd and suggestive photography. So I allowed him to buy me out and started my lair.

Hunterís Lair now has three main parts, plus a bonus art section by a friend of mine, Roger Benson. The first part is a full photo illustrated storyline of damsels in distress. There are no longer any text stories to go with the DiD photo sets. The reason for this is that my billing company, CCBill, informed me that I have been using prohibited words and descriptions in the stories and elsewhere on the site. I was in violation of credit card giudelines. It seems I can have no words or phrases any where on the site that imply that the girl in the photos is being coerced or held against her will in any way. And they don't really have a list of prohibited words or phrases but did mention that even inoctious words like peril or distress were prohibited. So we have decided that it would be near impossible to write a cogent entertaining story within their vague but repressive guidelines. Hence no more text stories in the lair.

The second part is what I call my Bishop Girls. I was a big fan of the late great erotic artist Robert Bishop. He seemed to really catch the drama that good bondage needs to bring it to life. His drawings didn't even need words, although he did plenty of storyline comics. I have been extremely lucky in discovering some extremely flexible and tough girls to work with. So I gave these special girls the title 'Bishop Girls' to describe the type of model that really digs being tied very tightly and in immobilizing bondage. Usually with their elbows welded tightly together behind their back and their body stretched into inhuman positions, my Bishop Girls are really something special and I can never thank them enough for allowing me to do all the crazy things I can think of to their willing bodies.

My last photo section of the lair is my tribute to the late great John Willie, bondage and fetish photographer, writer, artist and pervert circa 1930 through 1960. I had always loved his work his style and thumbing through one of his magazines a few years ago I saw a striking resemblance of one of his model to my own model, partner, and girlfriend Kelliann. I try to capture the flavor of the times with dressing the models in period style clothing and using mostly black and white photography. I also try to use their rope style only I tie the girls a lot tighter.

In early 2006 I was contacted by and artist named Roger Benson. He wanted to know if I would like to give his art work exposure on my site. He was attracted to Hunterís Liar because his art is inspired by both John Willie and Robert Bishop. I took one look at his drawing and knew that they would be a perfect complement to my own work. Roger Benson does a variety of BDSM illustrations, some of which involve the erotic hanging theme.

In one series, set in the l950s, a shapely l9 year old miss -- Lorna W. -- has the misfortune to be with her juvenile delinquency-inclined boyfriend when he robs the Pleasant Corners Gas Station in the course of which he pushes the elderly night attendant, the much loved "Pop" McCord, causing the old gentleman to fall, strike his bald pate on an arborite counter, and thereby perish.

Learned Judge Roger Benson takes a dim view of such goings on and sentences both miscreants to The Supreme Penalty.

Lorna's adventures at the Reformatory for Naughty Girls are extended and varied.

He interested in posting these here, one illustration at a time and accompanying each illustration with a poll (or polls) designed to elicit viewer feedback. This would be of interest to him and helpful in his future work..

There is also a section of vid clips available for viewing. Each vid is from 2 to 3 minutes long. Most of the vid clips are vignettes but from time to time there will be a few short story vid clips.

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