Format: NTSC DVD
Duration: 84 Minutes


Video ID #: JHP-009  
US Price Per Video:
US Price Per DVD: $39.50


Soccer Mom Raquel in Bondage

Starring Raquel w/Kelliann and Dahlia

Twelve of sexy MILF Raquel in super strenous bondage. She tightly bound and gagged elbows crushed tightly together and lots of one leg in the air high kick bondage. For more info click on the titles.

' Super Strict Strappado ' Raquel in gold dress, gloves, stockings and heels bound into a super strict bishop strappado.

' Banker in bondage' Raquel home from the office in her sexy office clothes bound into a strict strappado in the basement.

'Soccer Mom's High Kick Lesson' Sexy soccer mom has been disruptive at the kids game so the coaches hired the Hunter to teach her a lesson.

'Stretched to her limit' Raquel's elbows are tethered to the ceiling and one booted leg is raised high in the air, she is stretched to her limit.

'Mini and Boots bound' MILF Raquel is post bound in a short mini skirt and boots. One leg is tied high above her head.

'Private Duty Nurse' Raquel's deranged patient has her bound and gagged in the basement is a strict strappado.

'Tossed into the Pit' Raquel is dragged into the pit strictly bound and gagged, she is hogtied then forced up on her knees points in the dirt.

'Prayer tied ' Raquel demonstrates her incredible flexiblity in the reverse pray frog tie.

'Soccer Mom strictly hogtied' Raquel is stricty hogtied on a bench in her dining room.

'Double Trouble ' Two MILF's Raquel and Kelliann are forced to torture each other hanging from a single pulley strappado.

'Ballgagged Buddies ' Raquel and her girlfriend MILF Dahlia share a double ball gag are tied face to face standing in high heels.

'Home Invation' Raquel is getting ready for work when she is captured by the Hunter bound and gagged in her living room. Her room mate Kelliann finds her and is also captured bound and gagged. They are left to struggle for freedom.