September 29, 2009

HH002-Sorority girl's haunted Halloween

w/ Destiny

7 minutes

Pretty sorority pledge Destiny walks into the dark and gloomy warehouse. She has been tasked to set up for the big sorority Halloween party and she isn't all that happy being alone in the empty warehouse. Her fellow pledges all failed to show up but she wants to pledge so she followed orders. But when she steps into the store room she finds that someone has already started setting up. A weird looking scarecrow lays on the floor, Destiny walks over to it kicking at the scarecrow's feet. But as she leans over to get a closer look he suddenly comes alive and grabs her. Destiny screams and and struggles to get away, she breaks free and runs away screaming in terror. The scarecrow rises and grabs his bloody scythe and goes into pursuit. Destiny can't find her way out and runs screaming through the warehouse, she can't see him but his evil shadow tells her he is right behind. Destiny hides behind a pillar trying to catch her breath, but that is a mistake as he grabs her from behind. His hand grips her throat and Destiny can feel her brain go numb and she falls unconscious at his feet, he picks her up and tosses her over his shoulder. Destiny wakes up later and finds herself bound hanging from a beam. Her arms are tied outstretched to the beam with her feet hanging off the floor. She screams into her gag as the evil scarecrow comes to torment her grabbing her and threating her with his scythe. She kicks at him and he smacks her across the head with his fist knocking her out again. When Destiny regains consciousness she is still bound to the beam with her wrists and arms rubbed raw and bloody fromt the rough ropes. She struggles feebly as the scarecrow returns, is there any end to her nightmare? (7:14 minutes) {All actors in this video are willing and eager participants in horror fantasy. No actors or actress were harmed during the filming of this video) For more sample images please go to

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