September 25, 2009

Dizzy blond reporter stumbles into the mad scientist's lair

w/ Krystal Star, Lauri Adverb, & Destiny

18 minutes

Dizzy blond reporter Krystal Star is hot on the lead of an exclusive. She is investigating the disappearances of local girls and her the trail has lead to the spooky old factory at the edge of town. Now with her flashlight and camera in hand she searches for a way into the building. Krystal finds an open door and gets inside, she finds an elevator and rides up. She finds herself up on some catwalks, she wishes she had worn her new pumps with the catwalk flooring a steel grate. She descends a steel ladder to the ground floor and shining her light she finds a steel table with restraining straps and a table with all sorts of medival medical tools and jars full of strange things. She snaps a few photos when she hears a groan, she goes to investigate and finds one of the missing girls,Destiny, locked in a cage. The girl is handcuffed and a big red ball gag is strapped into her mouth. Krystal tries to remove the gag but it is locked on with a padlock. Destiny screams warning into her gag but Krystal doesn't know it is a warning as the Mad Scientist, Lauri Adverb, sneaks up behind. She grabs Krystal and sticks a needle into her ass. Krystal passes out unconcious at the evil doctors feet. When she wakes she finds herself strapped down to the deranged Dr. Adverb's operating table. Dr. Adverb takes great pleasure tormenting the helpless girl, she rips Krystal's blouse open and shows her some of her tools of evil and explains some of the weird items in the jars. Dr. Adverb leaves Krystal but not before she gives her another injection. When Krystal awakes again she is still strapped down to the table. She works her hands free and then tries to unbuckle the straps. She frees herself from the table and then goes to help Destiny, but there still isn't any key to free the girl from the cage, cuffs or gag. So Krystal reluctantly leaves her to go for help. When Dr. Adverb returns she isn't very happy. She releases one of her weird experiments, a zombie she calls Pieces, to go track and recapture the escaped wench. Will Krystal elude capture and find a way out or will the evil creature capture her and return her to Dr. Adverb's evil lair? (19:28 minutes) (This is a new concept clip from the lair. In association with John Atracat, with background music, sound effects and intricate camera work as well as great costumes. All the Horror clips will have HH in the title. No actors or actresses were harmed in the filming of this clip and all were willing and eager participants in the making of this video.)

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