October 2, 2009

HH003-The Toxic collector (First victim)

w/ Katrina

10 minutes

Sexy but not too bright Katrina is looking for her missing kitty. She wanders into the old abandoned factory when some neighborhood boys told her that they thought they had seen it wander over there. Katrina descends the stairs calling for her precious cat. She doesn't hear the meanacing figure follow her into the basement. The Toxic Collector stalks his victim from the shadows and poor Katrina is unaware until she sees his hulking shadow cast on the wall in front of her. But it is too late she is trapped with the Collector between her and the exit. She runs in panic deeper into the dark basement but he is used to the dark and follows her as she stumbles and falls only to get up again and run. Her blouse and skirt are ripped and torn in her paniced flight not realizing that he is herding her where he wants her to go. He finally corners her in his lair full of his toxic waste drums. He grabs the poor girl by the throat and lifts her off the floor with her feet dangling choking her into unconciousness. He drops her lifeless body to the floor and grabs some rope. He doesn't want her to escape once she revives. He ties her arms brutally tight together behind her back with coarse hemp rope. Her ankles are tied and then he starts ripping her torn blouse and skirt leaving her laying helpless and unconscious on the floor in her bra and skirt. As Katrina comes too he turns and lifts her off the floor by her hair and onto a low stool. With her head held down on his work table he pours his foul toxic goo into her mouth holding her mouth open with his fingers. The toxic green goo overflows her mouth down her face and chest as she chokes gasping for air. He lets her go and she struggles off the stool but the toxic concoction starts to take effect and Katrina's world goes black. He lifts his victim still tightly bound off the floor and puts her into one of his barrels for his collection. (10:17 minutes) {all actors and actresses in this horror fantasy were willing and eager participants. No actor or actress was harmed in the production of this video}

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