January 24, 2007

Maty's escape attempt from the lair

w/ Maty

6 minutes

Maty woke to find herself once again in the Hunter's basement. Her arms are completely immobilized behind her back with yards of cotton rope and a tight ball gag stifles her screams. Her legs are free and she wanders around the basement looking for some way to escape. She hears playing nearby and goes to the basement window, but her screams for help are too muffled for anyone outside the basement to here. She see a door see hopes will lead outside. She struggles to remove the board that barricades the door shut. Her arms are near useless so she tries kicking it free. After some minutes of struggling she finally gets to door open, but it is too late as the Hunter returns and hauls her back. He then lashes her ankles and legs together and leaves her there to contemplate what he has in store for her.

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